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The Car Repair Shop

Posted in People Watching by treyfinley1008 on October 2, 2009

It’s early Friday morning where I sit alongside several of my fellow inmates in the waiting room of the car repair shop.  With The Today Show turned up slightly too loud on the wall-mounted flat screen TVs, there is very little chit-chat in the room.  Just patient resignation that we’ll be here until the prison gates swing open and we can gratefully leave with our cars.

Across from me sits (slumps, really) a man in his 50s wearing scrubs.  He’s struggling to pay attention to the TV.  Perhaps he worked the graveyard shift in the emergency room.  In a corner of the room sits an older man, 70 perhaps, straining to see the newspaper he holds in his lap.   He’s wishing his arms were just a bit longer and his eyes a bit stronger.  A woman in her 30s has a cup of coffee and a book.  A middle aged woman has her favorite women’s magazine in her hand.

Behind me are the two computers provided by the repair shop.  In spite of the blaring of the TV as it shouts out today’s news, interest stories, and interviews, a few people stare away at the news on the internet, content and unaffected by the loud efforts of those on TV.

They say the written word is on its way out.  Whoever “they” are, don’t believe them.  It’s a noisy world, noise that is foisted upon us whether we desire it or not.  Reading remains a top-3 investment of people’s leisure time, after TV and sports.  It’s quiet, it’s of our own choosing, and it’s what’s important to us.

The next generation is anything but indiscriminate when it comes to the information we consume.  Our filters are strong.  They may not be your filters, but they’re not haphazard.  Shout at us long enough, and we will tune you out.  Persuade and pester us long enough, and we will ignore you.

So please, use your inside voice.  There’s enough noise in here already.


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  1. […] I wrote a while back about the strong filters present in Generation X and Y.  We know how to interact with an overwhelming amount of information, sort through it, and pick out what is meaningful.  What’s your filter like?  Have you set your personal filter so high that ideas differing from your own aren’t getting through?  This is the bigger question.  Because relationships are evolving with technology (as they did with other major communication advances in the last 500 years), I don’t fear becoming “over-connected.” […]

  2. Nice work Trey – great writing style – I think you’ll find this a place you enjoy spending time on. This is a super venue for you to share your insights into today’s generation of new leaders. Well done!

  3. Marla Finley said,

    What a way to splash into blogging! I love the picture your drew here. You are dead on about the noise in the world in contrast to the peace of reading.

  4. Shoe said,

    Very true. The older I get, the more I choose quiet over the alternative in my rare spare time.

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