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Your Tell

Posted in Coaching,People Watching by treyfinley1008 on October 4, 2009

What’s your “tell?”

Card players become good card players when they learn OTHERS’ tells. The ability to recognize a person’s nonverbal expressions is invaluable. A good card player knows when someone is bluffing, when someone is holding a handful of high cards, and when someone is just hoping to get out of that hand with most of their money intact.

Good card players become great card players when they learn their OWN tells. They recognize that their jaw tightens slightly when they’re tense. They realize that their eyes move a different direction when they’re thinking than they do when they’re bluffing.  They consciously register and account for each move of their eyes, flex of their hands, and shift of their weight.

They become experts in their own behavior.

Such expertise does not come easily to the card player, and it does not come without hours and hours of observation and critique. That observation and critique can’t come simply by looking in the mirror. It comes when someone else sits across from them and watches them carefully, telling the card player exactly what they’re communicating without words.

Who is watching you?  And who can you depend on to sit across from you, observing your words, the sound of your voice, your posture, and your gestures?

Who else knows your “tell?”


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