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Next Generation Marketing

Posted in Coaching,Generation X,Generation Y,Next Generation Leaders by treyfinley1008 on October 20, 2009

Continuing the thread from last week, personal branding is invaluable in the knowledge economy.  When a snowstorm of information is blowing in your face, you need something to stand out, a memorable snowflake in a flurry.  That social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) is essential to branding is widely accepted wisdom now.  (The Gen X skeptic in me is pretty sure that the only holdouts now are Boomers and Builders, but I digress.)

I’m a habitual late adapter, social media included.  My wife will tell you that I scoffed at the idea of Facebook before joining in 2008.  1100 contacts later, she has every right to say “told you so.”  If you’re visiting this post, you may very well have seen it cross your twitter feed. When you Google my name, you’ll get to see firsthand what I’m doing to maximize my search engine prioritization.

The biggest question I had to face up to was:  “How valuable is it?  How will I measure the return on this time investment?”  What my marketing coach and my regular reading tells me is:  ROI for social media marketing is no more difficult to measure than more traditional forms of marketing, but you better know exactly what you will measure.

I had decide how teachable I would be when it came to educating other people about me, the essence of personal branding.

How teachable are you?  And what are you convinced you need to learn to thrive in your business and/or personal life?  And to the point of this post, what do your customers, clients, employees, and employer need to learn about you?


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  1. treyfinley1008 said,

    Thanks, Randy. 27 new fans on my business fan page and over 50 visitors to a two-week-old blog is pretty measurable. A quote I ran across today:
    “Social media doesn’t work at the awareness level: it works at the consideration level.”

    What do you think?

  2. Well done Trey! You are on the right track . . .

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