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But What If They Don’t Like Me?

Posted in Coaching,Next Generation Leaders by treyfinley1008 on October 21, 2009

I want people to like me.  I want them to appreciate me.  I want them to affirm me.  I would greatly appreciate it if you’d give this post a 5-Star rating while you’re here.

You may think of that as thin-skinned, conflict-avoidant, touchy-feely nonsense.  And you may not be alone.  For us softies, though, we have something that you bulls-in-a-china-stop types don’t.  We’ve got the edge on responding to customers in the review-centric market of online sales. Reviews are everywhere, and if you doubt that, visit the App Store at iTunes or the review sections of Amazon.

Listen to Jim Hobart, co-founder of  “Reviews help build that initial trust,” he says. “They are key to the long-term success of our company.”

If that’s true, then the ability to respond to criticism without demonstrating defensive behavior is an invaluable trait in both face-to-face and online sales.  There–take that, you thick-skinned bully.

Are you comfortable with criticism?  And do you have a strategy for accepting criticism without defensiveness or excuses?  If you’re a small business with customers, you better hope so.  A willingness to listen, learn from, and apply the lessons learned from criticism will give your business an edge on the more prickly small business owners.

You can read more of Jim Hobart’s story here.  By the way, CNN Money has a small business section with outstanding resources.


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  1. Shannon said,

    I gave you 5 stars 🙂 Just had too after that comment! But, you earned it, I enjoy reading your articles when I get the chance to browse the internet.

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