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Moses, That Great American Leader

Posted in Leadership,Next Generation Leaders by treyfinley1008 on November 4, 2009

Or so says Bruce Feiler in a recent Time article (“How Moses Shaped America,” October 12 edition).  Apparently there’s more to Moses than Charlton Heston or The Prince of Egypt.

Feiler has done his homework.  He points to the number of Moses references in the eulogies of George Washington.  Of course, the anti-slavery movement in the 1800s used Moses imagery to issue their own call of  “let my people go.”  And here’s one I never would have put together–apparently the Statue of Liberty bears remarkable similarities to paintings of Moses.  If you’re not sure about that, go check to see how many depictions of Moses have him bearing the law in his left hand and a staff in his right.

But it was a quote from the end of the article that got my attention.  In Moses’ farewell, he makes this challenge to Israel:  “I have put before you this day life and prosperity, death and adversity.  Choose life.”  The author has this to say:

These words capture what may be the most trying lesson of leadership: You may fail, but your legacy is to prepare your followers to succeed without you.

Do you believe in something so powerful that, if success depends on it, you’d be willing to allow others to fulfill your hopes and dreams?


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