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Take a Hike, Coach

Posted in Coaching,People Watching by treyfinley1008 on November 11, 2009

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times:  “Coaching, huh?  How much do you charge per session?”  It’s a valid question, of course.  Quid pro quo.

In his book, Value-Based Fees, Alan Weiss advises that a different question is more appropriate:  “How much would it be worth to you to _____________________?”  You fill in the blank.

So, how much would it worth to you to have a partner that knows what makes you tick, listens well, and gives direct and honest feedback?  When do you need that kind of person the most?  Could you have used that voice in a particular chapter of your life?

Here’s one person’s struggle to answer that question.  Perhaps his answer will help you answer it for yourself.


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  1. Marla Finley said,

    That’s priceless. I think the real issue would be whether people realize just how much more they could accomplish or become if they worked with someone like yourself. Maybe a little insight comes first.

  2. gurprrietsiingh said,

    Short, but powerful.

    As we move up an organizational hierarchy, we have fewer friends, confidants and advisors. Right at the top is lonely. So as you go up, the value of having someone who knows you, understands you, confirms, confronts and advises you, is that much higher!

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