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How far will you go to find a Starbucks?

Posted in Fun,People Watching by treyfinley1008 on November 17, 2009

I’m not addicted to Starbucks.  I do not go to great lengths to grab a $4 cup of coffee.  I’ve been known to meet there, though, on a fairly regular basis.  That’s my plan today.  I’m headed towards Uptown in Dallas to meet a friend who’s helping me with some legal paperwork.

After searching online for our agreed upon location and finding it, I headed there.  Upon arriving at the address in my GPS, I discovered this Starbucks was in a building several stories high.  The address said “Suite 100.”  Thinking that the coffee shop would likely be on the ground floor, I headed down to the parking garage.  Here is where my story begins.

After parking on the fifth floor of the basement garage, I had the very responsible idea to take the stairs.  Spotting a large powder blue sign that said, “Exit,” I headed up a claustrophobic stairwell to the ground floor.  Taking the red rail in my left hand, I started my five-story climb.  Reaching the top and thinking quite a bit of myself for making the climb, I pushed open the door to the outside air–and jumped as I heard the piercing cry of an alarm.

Somewhere on the powder blue sign marking the exit, I had missed the “Emergency Only” message.  Fighting the urge to look around for the S.W.A.T. team that would descend upon me, I headed towards the building.  I casually remarked to the security guard inside that I had heard an alarm in a stairwell on the way in.  I’m certain they’re still looking for the culprit.

Wait, there’s more.

Inside the building, there was no sign of a Starbucks.  The guard, looking perplexed, noted that there was no Starbucks in the building, but nevertheless pointed me towards a section of walk-up restaurants on the first basement floor of the building.  No Starbucks there, either.  After calling my friend, and reporting that there was no sign of a Starbucks, I resigned myself to finding another location.  First job:  get some cash to pay for parking used to discover a non-existent Starbucks.   (Really—you have to work hard to not find a Starbucks.)  I asked the basement level security guard for an ATM location.  She sent me back upstairs to the now less friendly stare of the upper level security guard.  Didn’t find an ATM.

Back to the basement.  Ah hah, I thought, I’ll just buy a bottle of water and get some cash.  That’s it!  You guessed it: they don’t take debit cards.  However, there was a parking pass validation machine.  Surely that will take a debit card and shorten my trip out of the building.  Of course, to validate your parking pass, you have to have it with you.  And of course, my parking pass was in the car.

Back to the parking garage on the elevator, and then back to the basement floor.  After shaking off the stare of the security guard and wondering who would be answering the telephone she had picked up when she spotted me again, I walked up to the validation machine, inserted my card, and looked up to discover that my parking fee was only $1.  Naturally, I possessed a $1 bill in my wallet.

Apparently, I will go to great lengths to get to a Starbucks.



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