The Question Matters

The Maturing of the Coaching Profession

Posted in Coaching by treyfinley1008 on November 18, 2009

There’s a great deal to be said for the freedom that can come with exploration.  There are few boundaries, low expectations, and high praise for success.  As any exploration matures, the need to measure success becomes necessary.

The coaching profession is maturing out of its “exploratory” phase.  What began as an informal process has become, in the words of one author, a “cottage industry.”  While there are gifted business and personal coaches out there, it is still largely unregulated with few common standards.  Come take a look at an insider’s perspective on coaching and the two needs that appear to be most needed:  baseline evaluation to measure success, and careful choice of a coach to match the needs of the individual/organization.

One conclusion that’s almost unchallenged–the right coach at the right time will almost without exception increase the profitability and performance of a person and an organization.


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