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Dan Schawbel: Next Generation Leader

Posted in Generation Y,Leadership,Next Generation Leaders by treyfinley1008 on December 4, 2009

You won’t find a more prolific tweeter than Dan.  And you won’t find many who consistently stay as on message as Dan does.  Dan is a “personal branding guru” who specializes in social media and its impact on an entrepreneur’s brand.  He’s written articles and books, interviewed some of the biggest names in the business and entertainment world, and publishes a magazine.  He does this all with one hand tied behind his back–a full time job in the corporate world.   Does this guy sleep?

What is personal branding, you may ask.  Here’s Dan’s definition, taken directly from his website: “Personal branding is the process of how we market ourselves to others.” In a competitive market where corporate jobs are fewer and self-made small business owners are multiplying, standing out among the crowd has never been more important.

His professional picture looks just a bit too much like Ferris Bueller, but I’ll cut him slack.

And did I mention that he’s just 25 years old?  He has several sites where you can find out more about this marketing “force of nature” who wasn’t born until Ronald Reagan was running for his second term in office.

His personal website

His blog

His twitter feed


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