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A Day That Will Live in Infamy

Posted in Change,Generation X,Generation Y,People Watching by treyfinley1008 on December 7, 2009

December 7, 1941 was the day my grandparents’ world changed.  Whatever 9/11 means to me, Pearl Harbor was that and so much more to my grandparents.  Generation X and Y–take a day and listen.  Listen to the generation of Americans alive when Pearl Harbor took place.  Their voices will not be with us much longer, and the lessons learned in those moments should not be forgotten.

We learned that day that America is no less vulnerable than any other nation.  That America does not live isolated from the rest of the world, and must not behave as if it does.  That those who can act, must do so with courage, wisdom, and diplomacy rather than cowardice and short-sighted violence.  That it is problematic at best to fight evil with evil.  That crisis propaganda can lead to things like “preemptive” military strikes.  That self-defense can devolve into war.  That self-preservation can lead to decisions that fail to preserve the life of another individual, group, or nation.  That we should pause before trusting humanity’s instincts on just how much force is truly necessary to defend what is good.

See the “Day of Infamy” speech after the jump.

Listen to President Roosevelt’s words carefully.  There is much to celebrate in those words.  Pearl Harbor can still teach us what is good about the Great Experiment, the United States of America.  Pearl can also give us a moment of pause and introspection to consider what any nation, any person is capable of becoming; that no country’s soul is above corruption and corrupting power.

There’s still time to listen first-hand.


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