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Christmas Thoughts…

Posted in Coaching,Family,People Watching by treyfinley1008 on December 22, 2009

It’s cliche to talk about the passing of various icons, pop stars, actors, and other generally well-known people.  If you’d like a list of famous people who are no longer with us, there are plenty of places to look them up.  Notice that few, if any, of these lists will list the loved ones who are left behind.  And it’s them that matter most now.

The fact is, the first Christmas without a loved one is tougher than tough.  It makes little difference hether that loved one died, moved away, got divorced, or otherwise disappeared from our lives.  The holidays give us emotional reminders of who and what we have lost.

You have someone in your life who is grieving this Christmas, whether you know it or not.  In my circle of family and friends, there are grandparents who grieve the loss of their son, even though his tragic death was over 25 years ago.  There are the close relatives of my wife who have lost their sense of family this year, watching their two adult children make tragic mistakes with their lives.  There is our young friend who is afraid to tell her parents that she’s pregnant, for fear of being kicked out of the house and losing what little family she has.  And there are parents in our family who are preparing themselves to see their last of their children leave for college.  I think they’re feeling as if it will be the last Christmas with any sort of child-like magic about it.

Christmas is a time for all strong emotions–pleasant or unpleasant.  So yes, say a prayer for the families of Michael Jackson and Brittany Murphy.  Then, do something constructive.  Name a family member or friend who’s hurting.  Extend a card or a call to alleviate their loneliness.  Whatever you do, don’t forget about them.  They certainly cannot forget what the last year has brought them.

Merry Christmas.


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