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What If I Succeed?

Posted in Change,Entrepreneurs,Family,Leadership by treyfinley1008 on January 25, 2010

Re-joining the blogosphere world this morning.  It’s been too long–nearly a month–since I last blogged.  I’ve used the excuse that I’m working on a series of longer posts about my year transitioning into owning my own business.  That’s true, but it’s no excuse.  So, I’m back at it this morning.

My business has seen dramatic change and growth since my last blog entry.  Training opportunities, networking opportunities, and prospective coaching clients are appearing.  Like a flower just raising its stalk above the ground in spring, these opportunities are tantalizing in their diversity and uniqueness.  There’s the CPA and the health insurance broker at BNI.  There’s a mortgage lender in OKC.  There’s a missions board in Dallas and a missionary in Nicaragua.  There’s the home-based businesswoman in Denton, the home-based businessman in Florida, the personal trainer in Lewisville, and the aspiring missionary in Montana.


All these opportunities, most of which have popped up in the last 7-10 days, are welcome.  They excite me.  Somewhere deep in the back of my mind, they also have me wondering: how will life change when I succeed at building The Question Matters into a thriving coaching and facilitating business?

As promised, the story of my first year in entrepreneurship begins this week with Linus and his security blanket.


2 Responses to 'What If I Succeed?'

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  1. 2mannasisters said,

    So excited with you! May God show you daily that you are competent because He makes you so.

  2. Congratulations! May the Lord bring ALL of it to completion. Wishing you well, Trey!

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