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My Security Blanket

Posted in Change,Entrepreneurs,Leadership,Video by treyfinley1008 on January 26, 2010

First, I invite you to watch a cartoon genius and closet theologian at his best:

Thank you, Charles Schultz, for giving me a metaphor for how I’ve felt about a salary.  A regular paycheck was, for many years, my security blanket.  It kept me safe from unpaid bills and unfilled retirement plans.  My security blanket gave me the comfort of knowing that someone else agreed that I was worthy of compensation, that I was a competent employee.

There are certain professions that are generally considered recession-proof–usually people in the life, death, and tax fields.  Before February 2009, I would have included clergy in that list.  I said a while back, I didn’t look to become an entrepreneur, but entrepreneurship found me anyway. In February of 2009, I was laid off…from a church.

Thought I realized it too late, I had allowed someone else to be in charge of my security blanket’s well being.  Like a well-intentioned Linus giving his blanket to Charlie Brown, I entrusted my income to someone else.  And like Linus, I found myself stunned when someone else didn’t care for it as I did.  I made an employee’s fatal error:  I was working under the assumption that I was indispensable.

There is no indispensable entrepreneur.  If I want a blanket, I had best get busy sewing.


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  1. 2mannasisters said,

    Um…Is there any such thing as a blanket you can always count on? I’m proud of the way you are handling the weaning and look forward to this series.

  2. jen said,

    I really enjoyed this post, Trey. A nice piece of writing, and so timely for all of us!!

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