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I Can Make Up My Mind in 4.5 Seconds

Posted in Coaching,Leadership,People Watching by treyfinley1008 on January 29, 2010

How long do you read before you lose interest?  If our attention span is shrinking–and it is–and the sheer volume of available is incomprehensible, then it’s only natural to skim and move along.

If you scan a news website (or if you’re old school and scan an actual newspaper), how many paragraphs do you read in a story before moving along?  3?  4?  1?  Not only do I move along to another article after reading only a few sentences, but I can absolutely convince you I’m well read on the topic I’ve just spent 60 seconds reading about.

“The Art of the Long Read” is a dying art, I think.  So let’s test it.  I’m linking here to an article that should grab your attention as soon as you start reading it.  After you’ve read ALL of the blog post, come back here and post your thoughts.


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  1. 2mannasisters said,

    I actually read it. He certainly did a good job of posting something so controversial that it would become viral and cause quite a stir in his blog’s direction.

    It took me a couple of days to find time to read that though.

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