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A Blank Slate

Posted in Coaching by treyfinley1008 on February 3, 2010

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked in the last six months, what exactly is coaching,  I would need only to answer that question to make a good living.  I continue to work on language that communicates the concept of coaching.  Here have been a few of my attempts:

“I can tell you what it’s not.  It’s not counseling.  It’s not consulting.  It’s coaching.”

“It’s asking the right questions to help my clients get to the root of the issue they’re facing–in their life, business, wherever.”

“It’s maximizing the strengths present in any person that will help them accomplish goals they set.”

All of these are true,  yet all seem to have fallen short of fully explaining what a coach does for a client.  Today, I stumbled onto a web page that clearly communicates the essence of coaching.  I think when you read it, you’ll be able to answer this question:  “When in my lifetime would I have been wise to have a coach?”

“The blank page approach to coaching is about arriving in front of you with nothing more than a notepad and a pen, asking questions, taking notes and helping you to move from a current situation of uncertainty, dilemma, lack of clarity or direction into a constructive process that culminates with a concise, specific and clear list of actions that tackle essential activities for you to move toward your business goals and achieving them.”

So, when in your lifetime would it have been wise to have a coach?  More importantly, what if you had a coach?  How many more of your goals and dreams would you reach if you did?


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  1. Jason Jones said,

    Here’s a great quote form the book Transformissional Coaching:
    “Coaching provides guidance and accountability to help church leaders successfully implement new learning into the life of the church so real change is accomplished.”

    – Steve Ogne & Tim Roehl,

  2. Jason Jones said,

    Good clarification, Trey. In my company we want people to know that coaching is for successful people who want to be even more successful. Some think coaching is for those who are in trouble, stuggling significantly, or are one foot out the door. Organizations that are paying for coaches for their leaders view coaching as an investment for continual development and growth. They want to help them better clarify their direction, align their action with their values, and achieve more for themselves, their followers, and the organization they serve. A coach is a great development activity for all leaders!

  3. Marla Finley said,

    I’m meant “synopsis”!

  4. Marla Finley said,

    Great synoosis! I’m going to check out that website too. I LOVE your question: What if you had a coach? I’m glad you’re mine!

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