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Health and Wellness

Posted in Coaching,Entrepreneurs,Leadership by treyfinley1008 on February 9, 2010

It was a sick kind of weekend at the Finley house.  A head cold for my youngest got progressively worse, and my wife started the weekend with a sinus problem and finished with a stomach virus.  Let’s just say I stayed busy.  Sickness, of course, is inevitable.  I grew up in a world where, when you got sick, you went to the doctor.  You took a drug.  You went home.  You got better.  When you had a health problem, you went to see an expert.  When you needed a little help feeling well again, you looked outside your body.

Through my wife’s company and her particular business, I am more conscious than ever before of the ways in which I contribute to my health.  I make myself more vulnerable to sickness by eating certain foods, failing to get enough nutrients in my diet, stressing over situations, sitting still instead of keeping moving, etc.  My personal trainer is teaching me similar habits.  When someone asks what my wife does for work, I often use the words “wellness industry.”  Like “coaching,” I usually have to respond to the near automatic question, “What’s that?” Answer:

Wellness is the conscious choice to continually improve your overall quality of life.

It may help you to think of coaching in the same way.  Some individuals and businesses look for help when things go wrong.  When the bottom line looks malnourished, when the depth of a disagreement threatens to swallow a friendship whole, or when the pressures of leadership simply overwhelm, it’s becoming more common to keep the the coach on speed dial.

Others, however, come to a coach looking for ways to conscientiously improve their overall quality of work, faith, and relationships.  They’re ready for the next challenge.  They need to maximize their employees’ resources and skills for the task ahead.  Most importantly, they know the answer to their challenge lies within.  They are proactively seeking health for themselves and their organization, rather than reacting to a breakdown in the system.  Those are the clients I get most excited for.

Starting tomorrow, come back for a stroll through some of the ways in which I fortified myself in preparation for life as an entrepreneur.  So that you can keep up with it, I recommend subscribing to my posts on the right hand side of the page, beneath the Twitter feed.   Thanks for reading.


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  1. Really great post/article really informative.

  2. Dianna Robbins said,

    Good analogy.

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