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Social Media and Business

Posted in Change,Entrepreneurs,Generation X,Generation Y,Not for Profit,Resources by treyfinley1008 on March 8, 2010

Browsing the shelves of Barnes and Noble is a rare pleasure for me, a pleasure which I received this past Friday night.  I walked through the history section, and noticed a book on John Adams that’s next on my list.  I took a peek at the latest sports biographies, and I’m really interested in reading the recent biography of Willie Mays.  My final stop in the store took me to the business section.  One on rack, they have their business best sellers.  On that rack were, count ’em, 9 books on how your business and mine need to figure out social media.

I couldn’t help but think, “Duh!”

Among the mile markers along my entrepreneurial journey was an eight-week visit with small business marketing specialists.  The biggest takeaway for me was, as you might imagine, the importance of blogging.  My blog is the hub of my social media strategy.  It is the common factor on my Facebook Fan Page, Linked In profile, Twitter feed, business web page, and NFP web page.  And did I mention I have a Ning account, too?

There’s tons out there on the power of social media to level the playing field of business, especially if Barnes and Noble is your measuring stick.


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  1. MarketingTwins-Randy said,

    Commendations on creating great conversation and high value content. Your prospective clients are watching and looking for someone who demonstrates their expertise. You do it well while listening actively.

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