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A Generation X Resurrection

Posted in Family,Generation X,Leadership by treyfinley1008 on March 29, 2010
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Since I began my career in ministry as a youth ministry intern in 1996, I have been told all sorts of things about Generation X by my professors, my classmates, the authors of books I’ve read, and the parents of Gen X.  We’re disloyal, they say.  We’re postmodern (whatever that means).  We don’t believe in church.  We do things just to be different.  We don’t care about community.  We’re too individualistic.  We don’t this, we don’t that, we’re too this and not enough that.  Our first President has been metaphorically left for dead.  Our opportunities for career promotion are blocked.  There is a great deal of hand-wringing over what appears to some to be a lifeless generation.

This is a week when Christians celebrate life from lifelessness, first in the form of a Risen Lord, but also in that Jesus continues to bring life into lifelessness in all its forms.  In a similar way, I believe that Generation X has been given a life-giving breath.  This breath is unique to us, and it is ours to give or to keep for ourselves.  If we’re willing to share that breath of life, it will invigorate everything that surrounds us–our families, our work, our fun, our faith.  Over the next few days, check back for places where Gen X has life to breathe into lifelessness.

Monday–We must breathe home into the house.

Tuesday–We must breathe faith into religion.

Thursday–We must breathe trust into the workplace.

Saturday–We must breathe hope into hopelessness.


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