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Fix Your Alignment

Posted in Coaching,Leadership by treyfinley1008 on April 13, 2010
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“…most people seem to think that there’s a separate code of conduct in business from your personal life. And I always believed they should be the same.”

–Kip Tindell, CEO of the Container Store

This NY Times article focused more on good hiring practices, and it was his first principle for hiring that caught my attention, especially from a coaching perspective.  A fundamental principle for good coaching is integrating your values with your actions.  What you think and feel and believe should be consistent across your entire life.

Coaching is a terrific vehicle for aligning your values with your decision-making.  When your values drive your actions in all phases of your life, you’ll notice:

Success comes easier. No, living your values doesn’t mean life gets more rosy.  When your values drive your definition of success, you’ll know exactly how when and where you’re most likely to be successful.

Decision-making gets clearer. Which of your many options most closely match your values?

Contentedness grows. Sometimes “progress” and “promotion” become end unto themselves.  Content people are at peace with their decisions, even if on the surface, they may not result in “progress.”

via Corner Office – Kip Tindell – Three Good Workers Equal One Who’s Great – Interview –


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  1. Demra Robbins said,

    That’s why I love what I do as well! Being able to speak about the Lord, my family, my values on health and wellness all in one meeting is right up my alley. Good article. Thanks

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