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Healthy Risk

Posted in Change,Coaching,Leadership by treyfinley1008 on April 14, 2010
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“Will the result of this current economic downturn be a more balanced and realistic risk attitude, giving the best chance for success going forward?”

What’s been your language about our economy in the last few years?  “It’s all the Republicans/Democrats’ fault.”  “If it weren’t for those big banks, we’d still have a strong economy.”  “I’ve done everything I could to make it through a tough economy.”

Each of these statements say at least as much about the speaker as they do about the economy.  In our coaching program at UT-Dallas, we use a term called “map of the world.”  Coaching is about learning someone’s map of the world.  Our map of the world is most clearly seen through the language we choose.  Our language will betray our deeper understandings of ourselves, regardless of what’s on the surface.

Emotionally charged events–like a shift in our financial system–are prime opportunities to unfold the map of your world.  What’s been your language about our economy?  And how has that language affected your willingness to risk/make changes in your life?

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