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It’s Complicated

First, a disclaimer: I never ever saw It’s Complicated.  Probably won’t.  The trailers give the impression that the movie sensationalizes divorce, and I just can’t get excited about dropping $4 at the movie store to see it.  I’d rather rent Sherlock Holmes again.

Anyway, on to coaching. It’s Complicated is a response I’m beginning to hear more and more as I continue coaching.  (Maybe I could blog on phrases that should alert you when coaching is needed.  This is definitely one of them.)  Work is complicated. Life is complicated. My problem is complicated. As coaches, we’re taught to drill down almost immediately when we hear broad sweeping statements like this.  Questions such as, “If work were simple instead, what would be different” can begin chiseling away at the surface complications and get down to the deeper language that’s making life seem…complicated.

Let’s not belittle complexity, though.  It’s a complex world.  Your generation lives among four othersThe World is Flat, says Thomas Friedman.  He’s right.  Generation X knows complexity: empty homes after school, high divorce rates, workplace ceilings.  Gen Y knows complexity through social media, the 24-hour news cycle, and broad exposure to culture, ideas, and religion.  It is an increasingly complex world.

Simplistic answers from one person will not suffice in our complex world.  Complexity demands a sophisticated response.  Sophisticated responses require multiple voices.  Having multiple voices in the room makes trust a non-negotiable.  What are you doing to engender trust among colleagues?  Who must you learn to trust in order to wade through your complicated life?


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  1. Connie Moore said,

    Trey – this is a really great piece of work. Proud of you! CKM

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