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Are YOU The Source Of Our Nation’s Growing Intolerance?

Posted in Change,Coaching,People Watching by treyfinley1008 on April 21, 2010
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Given that the Huffington Post isn’t exactly the New York Times, I found this article very insightful.  And, of course, the comment thread at the bottom of the article simply served to prove his point.

With politics as his example, the author (a life coach and management consultant) decries the lack of empathy and in his words, the general “it sucks to be you” attitude he observes in the United States.  While politics is a loaded gun when it comes to, ahem, discussion, the author has a valid argument–empathy and a willingness to listen seem to be rarer qualities than they once were.

They say success in business is all about finding a niche.  If this author is correct, then I’d say coaching–a field where listening is the first value–has a nice big niche in the United States.

Here’s the gist from a couple of quotes, and they are questions worth asking.

“So, if intolerance really is on the rise, whether it is increasingly present or simply increasingly more visible, who’s spreading the intolerance? Could it be you? Could it be me? Could it be some of us? Most of us?…

Would you like to experience a change? If so, what are you willing to do to become that change?”

Russell Bishop: Are YOU The Source Of Our Nation’s Growing Intolerance?.


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  1. demra robbins said,

    I have lots of intolerable attitudes toward negative things that influence our husbands and young children. However, listening is a lost art in a world where people live there entire lives through pc or phones. So if u r willing to listen there are people who want to be heard. Maybe you could coach the govt to listen to us.

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