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Passing the Mantle of Leadership

I just finished reading Dave McCleary‘s book, Leaving Prisons.  This pointed book contains 25 short stories that illustrate prisons which keep us from being truly free.  Accompanying each of these stories are three coaching questions.  In my brief conversations with Dave, he’s confided that he has struggled with each of these 25 prisons at varying points in his life.  Recently, I read an article that Dave wrote about the potential for Boomers to sabotage their successors in leadership.  Dave graciously expounded on those points in a recent email.  I’ll be posting those thoughts in a series of emails next week.  First, here’s the highlights from Dave’s article at Forbes magazine. He lists seven ways Boomers are sabotaging their successors.

1.  They make power scarce rather than sharing it.  (I think this is may be the most important shift.  I wrote on it last month.)

2.  They “flip the switch” rather than doing the hard work of practicing sharing leadership and building relationship over time.

3.  They operate with a short leash, micromanaging rather than allowing the new leader to grow and mature in their own strengths.

4.  They preach but don’t practice collaboration.

5.  They indecisively sit on the fence.

6.  They over-value appearances and undervalue authenticity.

7.  They go through meaningless motions.  Another way to say this: they struggle allowing the new leader to adopt new practices and honestly evaluate and adapt old motions to new contexts.

More next week!


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