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Coaches Become an Expert in the Person

Posted in Career,Coaching,Leadership by treyfinley1008 on May 18, 2010

I found a new name for myself this week:  I’m a job process coach.  I find this to be a helpful distinction in describing the work I do.  A job process coach gives the new exec an opportunity to dramatically accelerate the relational learning curve, a must in any executive’s work.  Here’s an excerpt from an article on the subject:

There are various ways to categorize executive coaches. A simple way to do that is to distinguish between a job content coach and a job process coach.

A job content coach helps a newly-promoted executive to master the job to which he or she has been assigned. Job content coaches are usually people who have successfully held the same or similar job for which they are providing coaching…

A job process coach, on the other hand, helps a newly-promoted executive address interpersonal relationships. A common problem in some organizations is that a technically-proficient individual is promoted into management. He or she is exceptionally gifted in the technical side of whatever work they do — such as MIS, engineering, research, or some other technical specialty — but the individual is not particularly good in dealing with people. Perhaps he or she is weak on EQ (emotional intelligence). In a bid to help the individual, the organization commits to give him or her a job process coach to help him or her deal with interpersonal relations (processes).

Simply put: my job is to become an expert in the person, even and especially when I’m not an expert in their field.

via The Role of Executive Coaching in Talent Management and Succession Planning.


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  2. 2mannasisters said,

    It’s nice to have labels sometimes. That label does seem to fit you nicely. Cool!


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