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Changes with Every Generation

Posted in Change,Generation Y,Leadership by treyfinley1008 on August 10, 2010
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The debate about the uniqueness of each generation will always be lively, in part because the points of debate say at least as much about the person making the argument as they do about the generation for which they stand.  Dynamics between generations are more complex that simply the date on which I was born and the broad trends evident in people born roughly the same time as me.  I prefer to think of generational change as resting more in a gradual shift rather than a sudden change in course.

I’ve been reading Tim Elmore lately, and following his tweets (@TimElmore).  He’s the founder and president of Growing Leaders, a NFP created to develop emerging leaders, especially those in the latter half of Generation Y, born 1990 or later.  His focus on the latter half of Generation Y resonates with my take on generational dynamics.  Rather than speaking for a 20-25 year window of people, he’s narrowed his focus to a ten-year window.

He posted this yesterday.  Occasionally, the observation is made that every generation has issues with previous generations, and that today’s newcomers to the workforce and to culture are simply experiencing the same growing pains.  Tim gives a qualified “yes,” listing these trends that make each generation’s changes a little different. I recommend reading his entire article, entitled Changes with Every Generation.

Which of these trends are you sensing the most?

1. With each new generation, time becomes more valuable.

2. With each new generation, expectations of convenience and service rise.

3. With each new generation, the demand for work to have meaning intensifies.

4. With each new generation, the hunger for options grows.

5. With each new generation, the sense of entitlement increases.

6. With each new generation, the need for speed and space goes up.

7. With each new generation, the desire for customization expands.


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  2. jessiex said,

    Recommend, do I, reading Neil Howe’s latest book, “Millennials in the Workplace.” Cliff Notes here:

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