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Ashly Torian, Body Balance

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Many thanks to Ashly Torian, a client for the past six months, who provided this testimonial.  You can learn more about Ashly’s personal training business at


Dan Pink on Motivation

I came across this video on a blog feed early this week.  Dan’s focus is on the problems of a purely “carrot and stick” style of motivation and performance enhancement.  Science simply doesn’t bear that out. In fact, he says, the 21st century workplace has a lot to do with this misunderstanding. The digital age has automated and outsourced many of the simpler tasks of our workplace. Innovative companies desiring to keep pace with the speed of change must maximize creativity. Autonomy, mastery, and purpose are far greater motivators.

In my opinion, these three are key elements for a Gen X and Gen Y workplace.  Here’s the video.  (If you’ve got $60 I can “borrow” for the video upgrade on WordPress, let me know.)

(If you’re in a hurry, watch from 3:00 to about 7:45. If you’ve got a few minutes, watch the 18 minute video.)

Who’s at Bat

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I Don’t Care (he’s the shortstop) what generation you’re born into, this is funny.

Dave McCleary’s first comment to me about leaders who are planning a transition was this:  “Make your first choice your last – when announcing your successor – do so powerfully, with full commitment and with finality – the work of transition is too valuable to waste on hopefuls.”

Can you describe the next leader in your business/church/NFP?  What does he/she do well?  What skills must be present in order for that person and your organization to continue succeeding?

Don’t leave any doubts about Who’s up next to bat.

New Feature: Coaching Confirmations

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Beginning today, I’m going to feature coaching validation in the news once each week.  Coaching is here, and it’s powerful.  Here we go…

There are times when your career will get “stuck on stupid.”

Eric Schmidt at Google says that hiring a coach is the best advice he ever got.  (You might have to scroll down a bit to find the video.)

Hiring a coach can increase your clients’ confidence in you rather than reducing it.

How do you hire the right business coach?  Here’s some answers on Linked In from coaches about coaching.

Business Coaching is Like…

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Discovered this on YouTube today.  If this video raises as many questions about business coaching as it answers, then it will have been worth it.  You can also check out my library of videos on YouTube.

Failure is An Option

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In the coaching industry, we often throw around a word in coaching conversations.  That word is “experiment.”  It’s a healthy way to help the client take ownership of results, move past procrastination, and not feel obligated to succeed or die trying.

Nowhere is a willingness to experiment more important than in entrepreneurship.  If you’re paralyzed by a fear of failure, put your resume on Linked In and Career Builder now.  Get a head start.

Test often and fail fast from Pamela Slim on Vimeo.

Coaching will wake up your business

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I’m featured today on

My Security Blanket

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First, I invite you to watch a cartoon genius and closet theologian at his best:

Thank you, Charles Schultz, for giving me a metaphor for how I’ve felt about a salary.  A regular paycheck was, for many years, my security blanket.  It kept me safe from unpaid bills and unfilled retirement plans.  My security blanket gave me the comfort of knowing that someone else agreed that I was worthy of compensation, that I was a competent employee.

There are certain professions that are generally considered recession-proof–usually people in the life, death, and tax fields.  Before February 2009, I would have included clergy in that list.  I said a while back, I didn’t look to become an entrepreneur, but entrepreneurship found me anyway. In February of 2009, I was laid off…from a church.

Thought I realized it too late, I had allowed someone else to be in charge of my security blanket’s well being.  Like a well-intentioned Linus giving his blanket to Charlie Brown, I entrusted my income to someone else.  And like Linus, I found myself stunned when someone else didn’t care for it as I did.  I made an employee’s fatal error:  I was working under the assumption that I was indispensable.

There is no indispensable entrepreneur.  If I want a blanket, I had best get busy sewing.

Laura and Rebecca: Next Generation Leaders

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No matter your age, you can lead others.  Laura Whitman and Rebecca Guldin are leading student councils in Pennsylvania, teaching and coaching them on the power of ONE.  Don’t miss the video they produced with other teenagers in their area, posted below. I don’t know them, but I’m proud of them.

And don’t miss the opportunity to find out more about ONE.


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The Chia Pet of 1970s vintage makes a comeback on the most unlikeliest of stages.

I keep waiting for the end of this commercial, expecting it to be a skit from Conan O’Brien or Saturday Night Live…or maybe Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.

They just can’t be serious, can they?

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