The Question Matters

The Question Matters in Group Discernment

“I don’t have any idea what so-and-so will think about this decision.”  “I know exactly what so-and-so will think about this decision.”

Don’t leave major decisions and changes to chance.  Know what “so-and-so” thinks about the decision.  Better yet, ask them for their insights.  Create a safe place where community discernment isn’t just possible, but expected.  Results-based Conversations create an environment where major decisions are open for discussion and where action steps are put in place before you leave the room.

How do I know I need Results-based Conversations?

  1. When an important question has been detected.
  2. When a solution is not readily apparent.
  3. When buy-in is needed to be successful.

Learn more about the business consulting firm that has adapted their process to serve churches, as well.  I recommend watching the video on the home page. Also, be sure to read the testimonials below regarding the potential of Results-based Conversations in your church.

What Pastors are Saying about Results-based Conversations

Results-based Conversations are fully customizable for your needs–volunteer mobilization, church-wide discipleship and leadership development strategies, staff retreats.  For a 90 minute taste of what Results-based Conversations can do for your church, email me at and let me know how I can serve you.

Here’s how one church used Results-based Conversations:


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