The Question Matters

The Question Matters in Groups

Faithful followers of Jesus and Jesus-centered organizations of all kinds are discovering an anxiety-producing reality: we cannot afford to focus all our efforts inwards. Our energy must be directed towards:

  • Discovering God’s hopes and desires for ALL the world, not just Christians
  • Joining God in his efforts to transform the world in which we live

You won’t accomplish either of these if you go alone.

Coaching Instead of Consulting

Weekend-long seminars are helpful, but rarely create lasting change.  They create lasting change only when they are part of a larger equipping vision and strategy.  You can do just about anything you want using groups of believers.  You can:

  • Meet the world around your church in service
  • Create a “greenhouse” where leaders grow
  • Provide crisis care for the body of believers worshiping with you
  • Teach in ways in that classrooms cannot

You won’t get to any of these places in 24 hours.  You can get much closer over 9 months.  I tailor long-term coaching strategies for you and your group leaders:

  • Bookend weekend seminars/training for your small group leaders, nine months apart
  • Group and one-to-one coaching for you and your leaders

This is a new idea.  Why not contact me by email at so that I can tell you more about the value of long-term coaching instead of weekend consulting.


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